Pause matlab movie getframe

i used the getframe function to capture a series of figures depicting an evolvement of some data. a clip is created (through writeVideo). when i run the clip, instead of the full moving video i get a still image of the first frame mixed with my own desktop background details.

this is a mess up coming from getframe. Could you also mention the OS you are using and how you are trying to playback the video? I suppose the problem is that of the video codec, for I run ubuntu 10. 04 and without ffmpeg, I cannot view the videos I generate this way.

The movie function plays the movie defined by a matrix whose columns are movie frames (usually produced by getframe). movie(M) plays the movie in matrix M once, using the current axes as the default target. Run the command by entering it in the MATLAB Command Window. I had problems creating a movie using GETFRAME, if the window contains UICONTROLS: The corresponding rectangles arenot drawn such that I can see the window below the Matlab figure in Matlab 2009a.

PAUSE(0. 02) before GETFRAME solves the problem, while DRAWNOW does not. F getframe captures the current axes as it appears on the screen as a movie frame.

F is a structure containing the image data. getframe captures the axes at the same size that it appears on the screen. I made it an animation by using a for loop that updates the z values of each sensor, then replots the figure and I use M(i) getframe with each iteration of the loop to update the movie.

Now, where this animation falls short is the lack of playpausestop buttons. I want to make a movie use getframe and VideoWriter to view a 3D dataset at different Pause matlab movie getframe angle. First, i use scatter3 to plot 3D dataset, and use getframe and VideoWriter.

It works perfect. However, when i use trisurf to plot the surface of dataset, and use exactly the same code to as above.

But i Last updated on January 9th, 2017Making a video of your moving graphscharts is surprisingly easy to do in MATLAB. However most of my online searches gave me old outdated methods to do it. Heres how to make a movie or a video in MATLAB.