Gogeta vs janemba and broly movie

Aug 05, 2009 This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. The new Broly is being added to" Xenoverse 2" in honor of the new movie, but fans are curious about Gogeta being paired with him in this update.

Although" Xenoverse 2" doesn't really follow the anime plot, it previously gave fans hints about Goku's Ultra Instinct form [VIDEO in the anime. It was an gg, whereas Janemba was completley outmatched, outpaced, and out of depth against Gogeta which means we can only know Janemba is unquantifiably larger in power compared to SSJ3 and SSJ Gogeta. the movie logic seems to think janemba goku hirudegarn gohan.

so janemba can potentially solo without breakign a sweat. unless goku and vegeta become gogeta. SSJ3 Goku would have been hurt LSSJ Broly (Movie 8) SSJ4 Gogeta GT. Cuive Irwin May 25. 48. 26. could compete with Bardock who exists outside the flow of time and potentially even scale above Shin Budokai Janemba, compare that to SSJ4 GT Gogeta, and you realise that DBH Gogeta is definitely way stronger.

The M8 Broly who negged Beat isnt DBH Broly Gogeta stomps and puts the complete smackdown on him. Broly is overrated to hell. Broly in no shape or form is a match for Gogeta.

It be like when Ultimate Gohan punched Frieza in Janemba movie. One Aug 28, 2018 Enjoy; ) Thanks for watching this video, make sure to leave a like and don't forget to subscribe if you're new here: D Broly and Gogeta Blue data mined for D Aug 18, 2018 The movies show that gogeta is way above any broly from Z movies You can tell since ssj3 was never ever needed to fight broly.

Yet ssj3 was fodder to janemba and janemba was fodder to gogeta