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Cold Sweat is a 1993 thriller film about a man who lives a double life as a hitman. The film was directed by Gail Harvey, and stars Ben Cross, Adam Baldwin, and Shannon Tweed. Feb 03, 2011 The main idea of the movie (Women kidnapped with nitroglycerine over their body, in order to escape without provoking an explosion can undress, cut their hair, change position, bend, stay on foot, and even crawl upstairs, but can not walk) is totally illogical.

Ben Cross plays hit man with the vestiges of a conscience in Cold Sweat. After killing the wrong person, Cahill (Cross) is all for packing it in. Cold Sweat (original title De la part des copains) is a 1970 FrenchItalian action thriller directed by Terence Young. Joe Martin (Charles Bronson) is an American who lives happily in seaside town in Southern France until several grim men from his past came after him.

The following weapons are seen in the movie Cold Sweat: Cold Sweat is a nonsensical horror film out of Argentina. With a plot so illogical it's hard to describe, it didn't work on any level.

De la part des copains (sh. uvaj se prijatelja) ili Cold Sweat (sh. Hladan znoj) je francuskoitalijanski triler film snimljen 1970. godine u reiji Terencea Younga. Predstavlja adaptaciju romana Ride the Nightmare amerikog pisca Richarda Mathesona. Dec 18, 1970  What did I get out of" Cold Sweat" ?

First, a reminder to mix business AND pleasure. The gentlemen who produced this could have filmed in New Jersey. " Cold Sweat" is a song performed by James Brown and written with his bandleader Alfred" Pee Wee" Ellis. Brown recorded it in May 1967. An edited version of" Cold Sweat" released as a twopart single on King Records was a# 1 R& B hit, and reached number seven on the Pop Singles chart.