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Dec 10, 2014  (And it does lead one to Val Kilmers Mark Twain impression, a service in itself. ) But the title is, to say the least, misleading. But the title is, to say the least, misleading. Perhaps the strangest of all Twains many popcultural portrayals is his claymation iteration in 1985s The Adventures of Mark Twain.

A website for the development of a film about Mark Twain and Mary Baker Eddy by Val Kilmer Jun 19, 2017  Mark Twain; Val Kilmer (APMark Humphrey) Val Kilmers passion project is a oneman Mark Twain show Kilmers portrayal of Twain focuses on the authors harsh criticism of Christian Science I love Mark Twain so it was cool to see his satire brought to life via a completely unrecognizable Val Kilmer.

He had a set act but incorporated the audience into the play too. The funny thing was after the performance when every single Native person there(and there were a lot of them, this was a Native conference) had him sign their In Val Kilmer Presents Cinema Twain, which is a 90minute film version of his oneman stage show Citizen Twain, Kilmer takes on a new reallife persona in Mark Twain, 19th century American writer Val Kilmer brings his portrayal of famed author and humorist Mark Twain to San Jose Stage Company in a screening of Cinema Twain, a filming of his oneman play Citizen Twain.

(Photo from valkilmer. com). Val Kilmer is one of those actors that spans multiple generations, with transcendent, starmaking performances on the radar since Ask About Our Military and Veterans Discount! Thank You For Your Service! Dec 31, 2007 A trailer for Mark Twain& Mary Baker Eddy: a love story, a film by Val Kilmer.