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Juli San Jose Juliana de Dios, the girlfriend of Basilio, and the youngest daughter of Kabesang Tales. To claim her father from the bandits, she had to work as a maid under the supervision of Hermana Penchang. Joonee Gamboa as Cabeza Telesforo Juan de Dios Kabesang Tales a former cabeza de barangay (barangay head) of Sagpang, a barangay in San Diego's neighboring town Tiani, who resurfaced as the feared Luzn bandit Matanglawin.

He is the son of Tandang Selo, and father of Juli and Tano. Slideshow Movie At the moment PowToon presentations are unable to play on devices that don't support Flash. Either scripts and active content are not permitted to run or Adobe Flash Player version or greater is not installed.

El Filibusterismo Characters. helped to release Kabesang Tales from the hands of bandits. Father Millon The Physics teacher of the University of Santo Tomas. He always becomes vindictive with Placido and always taunts him during class.

follows the tradition of seminudity of cartoon characters exemplified by Porky Pig, Donald Kabesang Tales Essay Sample. I. Introduction. In addition to that, it also specifically states the authors opinion of a distinct character from Dr.

Jose Rizals novel El Filibusterismo if he can be considered as a hero or not. Nov 15, 2009 Best Answer: wow, bata! report mo yan, di mo yan dapat tinatanong dito. El Filibusterismo is a very good book, if you don't read for your very own school report, you will only end up getting 70 on your grade. Palakol makukuha mo dyan kaya mabuti pang pagtyagaan mo basahin yan, kahit napaka haba nyan. Jul 22, 2008 Kabesang Tales Once a farmer owning a prosperous sugarcane plantation and a Cabeza de Barangay (head of the barangay), he was forced to give everything to a bunch of unscrupulous Spanish friars.

Auditions for Kabesang Tales AUDITIONS for Ricky Lee's Kabesang Tales: the Rock Musical to be staged starting July 2015. Audition is now open to GIRLS Only on March 29, (Sunday) 16pm (singers& dancers).

This novel by Jose Rizal I believe the English title for it was: Reign of Greed. The characters are: Simoun who is Cristoforo Ibarra in disguise, Basilio, Isagani, Kabesang Tales, Don Custodio, Paulita Gomez and Padre Florentino.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb Mobile site Ricky Lee's Kabesang Tales Isang Rap en Rol Musical is one of kind. This one day show captures ideologies of the book and reimagined it such that it is relevant to today's generation.

Kabesang tales cartoon movie effective use of music through modern genre of pop, rock and rap appeals to the youth. Kabesang Tales, a homesteader who had been dispossessed of his lands by the friars. Turned outlaw, Kabesang Tales and other victims of injustice have been enlisted by Simoun in his plan to overthrow the government. Juliana, Kabesang Tales's daughter and Basilio's sweetheart is known by the nickname Juli.

Devoted to Basilio, when her family falls Simoun (Major Character)