Watching a 3d movie made her pregnant

Woman claims watching 3D film made her pregnant A white American With the technology of today everything is couple had a possible said Erik, who black baby, and registered the baby as the woman his Jennifer said that claimed she had become pregnan She had gone to a porno cinema in New watching a 3D York with her girl porno film The child's father Erik friends.

Maybe she thought you might be more prone to sickness being pregnant? I really don't know. FWIW, I saw the Hobbit last week and it did make me sick. I can handle 3D movies, but it wasjust too long to watch it that way. I got a headache about 2 hours in and actually did throw up once I was home. You may see pregnant women in theaters abroad. But for them any outdoor location is just as accessible as their own home and ambulances reach in time.

For us everything went well that day. Weve booked tickets for the next day same timing. For some unknown I would say watch as many movies as you now. Once that baby is out, you won't be able to see a movie at a theater for ages n ages.

And babies in the tummy respond well to music and loud noises. Pregnant woman watching porn movie 3D Fanny pack is still the most effective birth control, says WHO Goose figurine collector is in the Copa album Gay couple is prohibited from adopting a surfer of 22 years Motion of NoTheta Scholarship asks Silicone Taggers caught Oct 05, 2011 This woman claims that a 3d film made her pregnant.

And that the child looked exactly like the Black male Watching a 3d movie made her pregnant in the film. This has to be the worst excuse for cheating. Oct 16, 2011  What 3D can do to human So hilariousI have to share the news The wife of a US Army soldier, Jennifer Stweart, claims she got pregnant Jul 09, 2014 " A white American couple had a black baby and pregnant wife says that watching a porn movie 3D.

The child's father, the soldier Erick Johnson, was serving a year at a military base in Iraq, and when he returned Finally the truth is revealed that the woman became pregnant after watching a 3D film. The womans claims baffle the team, especially Dr. Salunkhe, who is busy showing off White Woman Claims Watching 3D Movie Made Her Pregnant With A Black Child by Bargis Tryhol on at 8: 02 pm Jennifer admits that at first she was shocked that little Leroy pooped in 3D too!

Woman says 3D porno made her pregnant [techeye Thanks to Carillon, who can get women pregnant just by winking at them and is the only person with a valid excuse to wear sunglasses after dark.

The rest of you just look stupid. Woman claims watching 3D film made her pregnant. spotted by Lisa Piper. NEXT 46 perfectly timed photographs. next story. Breaking News: Boris Johnson was spotted at the cricket and the crowd's reaction was perfect. Search for: The Poke Merchandise. 6. 4 M. Jennifer was quoted saying that she was at a porn movie theatre with her friends in New York.

She says she does not usually watch porn movies and that was only this time to see how the effects were in 3D. The child, she says, looks like the black actor in the movie. His wife, Jennifer, age 38, told him the baby had been conceived while she had been watching a 3D porno film in a local theater.

I see no reason not to believe her as those 3D movies are very lifelike. With the technology today, anything is possible, said Sgt.

Francis who registered the baby as his.