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Take this quiz! What is the main character's first name? What is the main character's first name? What planet are the Transformers from? What kind of car does bumblebee turn into after he switches cars? Who is the oldest autobot? Who is the first transformer seen in the movie? Which autobot dies at the end of the movie? Who put the map to the AllSpark on Explorer Witwicky's glasses? Corona is a greater possibility in HV drytype transformers and the test procedure should include provisions for checking it.

This can be done by making PF tipup tests on the drytype transformers. PF tipup test is described in Section. 1 under rotating machine testing. & rqgxfwhg shu 3, wk hglwlrq 6hfwlrq 5hfrpphqghg iru vwdwru yrowdjhv 9 dqg deryh iru wkh frpsohwhg vwdwru 7klv whvw surylghv d edvh olqh iru odwhu UpBright New Global AC to 9V DC Adapter 120 to 9VDC 100mA 1000mA 5. 5mm x 2. 1mm Tip Center Positive ) Universal Class 2 transformer Bench Scales 9.

0V 500mA 0. 1A Find out which Transformers character you're most like. Which Transformers Character Are You? Playbuzz By continuing to use the Playbuzz Platform, you agree to the use of cookies. Power Transformer Diagnostics: Novel Techniques and their Application Charles Sweetser Technical Service Manager. Transformer Test Protocol 1.

Overall Power Factor and Capacitance (TipUp, Variable Freq) (TipUp, Variable Freq) 2. Bushings (C1, C2, Energized Collar) (TipUp, Variable Freq) 3. Exciting Current As noted in Power Factor Testing of DryType Power and Distribution Transformers, by E.

J. Maritolli and R. Levi, Doble Engineering Co.you should apply the test voltages shown in Table 1 (click here to see Table 1) when performing a power factor test. Transformers Quiz: Which Transformers Character Are You? Are you a Transformers fan? Love the first Transformers movie and Transformers 2? Which Transformer are you? This fun personality quiz will tell you which Transformers character you are most like!