Ch 10 boss the evil within movie

Chapter 10 The Craftman's Tools Key# 28. When you reach the ladder with a tripwire at the bottom, pop through the doorway on the left. Smash the crates in here to find a figurine behind them. Nov 08, 2014  The Evil Within Walkthrough Chapter 10 The Craftsman's Tools (12) No Damage All Collectibles (PS4) This let's play walkthrough is a no damage walkthrough which The best weapons to use against this boss are a combination of grenades, shockfreeze bolts and explosive bolts.

I started the fight by shockingfreezing the creature (while standing behind the concrete post you start from) immediately followed by two grenades while it was stunned (don't wait for the first one to blow, just throw two, backtoback, The Evil Within Chapter 10: The Craftsman's Tools Rebirth Laura, Battery Pack Escape Rebirth Laura and defeat the two headed creature in the boss fight. Oct 14, 2014 Here I will go in depth on how to defeat the boss in the quickest way.

The garage boss I used freeze bolts, explosive bolts, shotgun and rifle. You can hide under cars then pop him some when you get out. Freeze bolts to slow him down and damage him, syringes in case you get hit. For The Evil Within on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled" Chapter 10 (Boss?

? )". Stuck at chapter 10 Boss What a stupid boss fight, i die everytime when he becomes purple. I have no chance to avoid it, shooting it 34 times with sniper rifle or the crossbow with detonating arrows wont kill him.

May 26, 2015  EditBoss Fight For being so large, this guy isn't actually that tough, but you must stay mobile. He likes to charge at you, so