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page 10 of 48 Kinds of Teeth. Mammalian teeth are heterodont. This means that they are different from front to rear in the toothrow (hetero different, dont teeth), compared to the homodont condition of most toothed vertebrates (Fig.

15). Fig. 15. Glossary of mammalian dental topography. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Many different terms have been A proposed unified nomenclature for the enamelled components of the molar teeth of the Cricetidae (Rodentia) (subscription only).

Journal of Zoology, London 181:. Most nonmammalian vertebrates are able to replace teeth when they break or wear to the point of senescence, as can the manatees and nabarlek; and several mammalian species, including the dugong Mammalian teeth composed of 3 structural tissues.

Enamel: Hardest substance in a mammals body. Almost totally made of uniformly oriented calcium phosphate crystals, only about 3 organic materials. Covers crown of tooth. Dentine: Inner material of tooth. University of Nebraska Lincoln of Nebraska Lincoln Papers in Natural Resources Natural Resources, School of 2011 Review of MAMMALIAN TEETH: ORIGIN, EVOLUTION, AND DIVERSITY by Peter S. Ungar Patricia W. Freeman How can the answer be improved? Some mammals are herbivores and some are carnivores.

Some are a combination of plant and meat eaters. They are omnivores. What a mammal eats determines the patterns of dentition in their teeth. This extends to both the number of teeth and the types. Some animals have two sets of teeth. They are the deciduous set and the dentition in mammals Teeth are the dermal derivatives of integument They are developed as a result of calcification in the mucous membrane of the l cavity.

Along with the ridge of the two jaws, the teeth are arranged in a row. The extant mammalian infraclasses each have a set dental formula; the Eutheria (placental mammals) commonly have three pairs of molars and four premolars per jaw, whereas the Metatheria (marsupials) generally have four pairs of molars and between three or two premolars. Molar definition is a tooth with a rounded or flattened surface adapted for grinding; specifically: one of the cheek teeth in mammals behind the incisors and canines.

How to use molar in a sentence. The type, number, and arrangement of teeth in an animal species. In mammals, dentition consists of several different types of teeth, including incisors, canines, and molars. The dentition of toothed fish and reptiles usually consists of only one kind of tooth. 2.

Origin and Structure of Teeth in Mammals: Teeth have evolved from denticles which are released from armour near the margins of the mouth as ossification in the integument. A typical mammalian tooth can be distinguished mainly into two regions