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The Reef (also known as Passion's Way) is a 1999 historical drama film directed by Robert Allan Ackerman based on the book The Reef by Edith Wharton. It starred Sela Ward, Timothy Dalton, Alicia Witt, Jamie Glover. It was filmed in Prague, Czech Republic in 1996 but did not premiere on CBS until July 1999.

The Reef 2: High Tide is a 2012 South KoreanAmerican computer animated film and a sequel to 2006's Shark Bait. It stars the same actors as last time, but Freddie Prinze Jr and Evan Rachel Wood are replaced by Drake Bell and Busy Philipps. Troy is an arrogant tiger shark and the main antagonist of the 2006 computeranimated South KoreanAmerican film, The Reef, and its 2012 sequel, The Reef 2: High Tide.

All in all, he is the Big Bad of the duology and is Pi's archnemisis. He Into The Blue 2: The Reef is an American action film and a sequel to the 2005 film Into the Blue. It was directed by Stephen Herek and had a DVD release on April 21, 2009.

The movie was filmed in O'ahu, Hawaii, United The Reef is a multiplayer stage in Splatoon 2. The Reef is located a few blocks from Inkopolis Square, it's a popular area to hang out when it's not being used for Turf War. The Reef is home to some of the most popular boutique shops in the city. The Reef, a film adaptation of the novel The Reef (2010 film), an Australian film Shark Bait, a 2006 animated film released as The Reef in the United States, South Africa and Ireland; and as Pi's Story in South Korea Shark Bait (The Reef: Shark Bait in the UK, Australia and North America, Pi's Story in South Korea) is a 2006 South KoreanAmerican computer animated film.

The plot revolves around Pi and his attempt to win the heart of Cordelia while dealing with a tiger shark that is terrorizing him and the reef's inhabitants. Pisces" Pi" is the main protagonist of the animated film The Reef and its sequel The Reef 2: High Tide; He is voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr