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Any talk of the best villain performances in comic book movies must include Molina. Of course Ledgers Joker is still the best, but any talk of the next 45 has to include him. Noah, you got it right with this one. 58 rows  Most of the supervillains of SpiderMan would be introduced in The Amazing Marvel Comics Few superheroes have a roster of villains quite like SpiderMan's.

Of the two enormous comic book universes DC and Marvel, only the Batman comes close to matching SpiderMan's rogues' gallery for breadth and variety. Villains who regularly or only battle SpiderMan in any form of his media. Sep 07, 2018  Share SpiderMan on PS4 remixes comic book lore for a fresh superhero story share tweet Linkedin Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email Marvels SpiderMan is out today on the PlayStation 4, and in addition to the highflying, webslinging action, developer Insomniac Games is putting some big emphasis on the story.

SpiderMan The first big screen SpiderMan movie was released May 2002 by SonyColumbia. Helmed by Sam Raimi and starring SPIDERMAN PS4's Secret Villain Has Been Revealed And You Can See Them Here MAJOR SPOILERS It's been common knowledge for a while now that SpiderMan will feature a secret villain and that character has now been revealed thanks to some leaked images from an upcoming art book. Every once in a rare while, fans are blessed with a truly great comic book movie villain.

Key word: " rare. " Because more often than not, we get stuck with awful onedimensional villains in movies that completely ignore everything that made the character awesome in