How to build a home theater movie server

Aug 16, 2016 How To Make A Home Bluray Media Server CO Guy Stuff Years ago I figured out a way to stream my DVDs to the home theater and these days Bluray is the way to go. Watch video  For the software to work, well set up your old computer as the central media server from which youll stream content to your tablet, phone, settop box, game console, or television. From the Plex downloads page, you can download the Media Server software. This computer will act as the base station for everything else on the To build your own ultimate home media server, youre going to need some kind of networkattached storage system, commonly called an NAS.

This is basically a mini computer with at a hard drive inside, that will help corral all of your media. If youre building a home theater system for the first time you might neglect a simple but important detail. Power! If you have a television, receiver, subwoofer, BluRay player and game console, youre looking at five power outlets. I made this mistake when building a miniITX case based home theater PC. The CPU cooler was too large and did not fit inside the case (because of the power supply cord).

Be sure to check the layout of the motherboard to make sure the aftermarket CPU cooler will fit inside the case. In reality, a server can be just as useful in your home.

In this guide, well walk through how to create your own home server out of an old or cheap computer that can do all your downloading, streaming, and backup tasks 247.

Watch video  A basic setup lets you stream the occasional Web video, while a more advanced rig lets you access movie and music files from computers across your home network. But the most bragworthy home theater PCs (HTPCs) include all the right elements: carefully chosen hardware, proper display settings, ergonomic accessories, (If you're not comfortable building your own system, Lime sells a 12bay server for 699 and a fancier, 15bay server starting at 1199.

You just need to add the drives). You just need to add the drives). Speciallydesigned home theater seats are luxurious, but they come with a hefty price tag. The economical options are reclining chairs or a couch you already own. If youre lucky enough to have the space and want to include two rows of seating, build a wooden platform six to twelve inches high to elevate the second row.

Its easier than ever to build your own home theater; heck, you can even get the IMAX experience in your living room How to Get the IMAX Experience in Your Living Room (On a Budget) How to Get the IMAX Experience in Your Living Room (On a Budget) Why do people still go to movie theaters? Some argue it's for innovations like IMAX, but this Building a home theater PC is one thing, but the interface you choose for it makes a big difference on your daytoday experience.

For the most part, people struggle to choose between XBMC and Plex.